Export SharePoint list to Excel

Migrating Composer solutions through environments

2. Migrate SharePoint lists

Composer solution migration

  1. Use deployment profiles
  2. Migrate SharePoint lists
  3. Save SharePoint lists as a template
  4. Change SharePoint data connections
  5. Migrate Transaction/Query scripts
  6. Deploy solution to new environment

SharePoint data connections are often used within a form to populate elements such as drop down lists or filtered data. Each SharePoint Data Connection is referenced by a connection string or specific SharePoint URL. However, once the form is moved data connections are severed.

Therefore it is recommended that you migrate SharePoint lists (and/or any other data connections) before migrating your solution. Migrating SharePoint Lists is easy with Microsoft SharePoint and enables two ways to move a list across environments:

  • Use the Export SharePoint List and Import SharePoint List functionality. This requires you to export the SharePoint List to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and upload that to the destination environment.
  • Save the SharePoint List as a template (.stp file) and upload it to the List Template Gallery on the destination environment.

Export/Import SharePoint List with Microsoft Excel

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint List in which you would like to migrate.
  2. On the ribbon, click List.

  3. Click Export to Excel.

  4. Open the downloaded file.

  5. Save the file as an Excel Spreadsheet.

    Make sure the file extension is .xlsx or it will not be able to be uploaded into SharePoint.

  6. After saving the exported SharePoint List as an Excel Spreadsheet, open the destination SharePoint Site to create a new List.
  7. Click Site Actions (the gear icon) in the upper right hand corner, and then click Add an App from the menu.

  8. Locate the App Import Spreadsheet

  9. Enter a name for your SharePoint List.

    Tip: If possible, keep the same naming convention for consistency.

  10. Click Browse, and then attach the downloaded Excel File from Step 5.

  11. Click Import.
  12. Microsoft Excel will launch and prompt you to provide the range of cells to import. Select the necessary range, and then click Import.
  13. A SharePoint List will be automatically created under the given name.

    Note: By default, SharePoint has an item limit of 30 items per page. If your SharePoint List has more items than 30, you may need to increase the Item Limit by modifying the view.