Facebook request desktop site

When you try to access Facebook on any mobile web browsers, you will land on the mobile version of the site. The look and features of the mobile version will be different and less than the traditional desktop site. That doesnt mean we cant access its full desktop version on the smartphone. Here is the simple way to access the Facebook full site on your iPhone.

This method is applicable for iPad, iPad mini, and Pro too. Use this method if you cant get all features from the Facebook app on your iOS devices.

Step-1 (Change the URL)

a) Log-in to your Facebook account from the browser. Normally, it will redirect to the mobile version (m.facebook.com), no worries, lets go to the next step.

b) Once you have successfully logged in from any web browser from iPhone, change the web address to www.facebook.com/home.php. This will open the desktop full version of Facebook on your iPhone as below. It doesnt matter which browser or iOS version you are using, but it works!

Working FB desktop site on iPhone

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Step-2 (Use Safari Feature)

If you are a Safari web browser user, you have an additional option to request the desktop version.

Open the Safari browser and go to facebook.com, as expected you will be redirected to the mobile version. Before or after logging in to your FB account, tap the share button and select Request Desktop Site as shown below.

facebook full site on Safari

Even though it is not needed to browse the full desktop site on the small screen of your iPhone or tablet, in case you need it, this guide would be helpful.

Always, FBs mobile version and the app allow doing everything wedo normally on the full version of thedesktop site.