Remote Desktop Services is missing Windows 10

The Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 allows you to select roles and features to install and configure the Remote Desktop Service (RDS).

To install the Remote Desktop Service:

  1. Launch the Server Manager. The Server Manager dashboard appears.
  2. Select Manage from the toolbar on the top right of the screen.
  3. A drop-down menu appears. From this menu, select Add Roles and Features.

  1. If the Before you Begin screen appears, read the information and click Next.

NOTE: You can confirm the destination server at any time by verifying the name of the destination server in the upper right hand corner of the wizard.

  1. On the Select Installation Type screen, you are offered two options for installing roles and features. Select Role-based or feature-based installation. Click Next.

  1. On the Select Destination Server screen, select the server on which you want to install the Remote Desktop Services, Then, click Next.

Destination options allow you to:

  • Select a server from the server pool. Use this option to select a server from the server pool on your local computer. Confirm the destination by verifying the destination server in the upper right hand corner of the wizard.
  • Select a virtual hard disk. Use this option to select a local or remote Windows Server virtual hard disk file. Only virtual hard disks that contain a Windows Server 2012 operating system are valid destinations. Blank virtual hard disks or hard disks, which contain an operating system other than Windows Server 2012, will fail.

  1. On the Select Server Roles screen, click the checkbox before Remote Desktop Services. Then, click Next.

When you select a role, a description of that role appears in the rightmost pane.

  1. On the Select Features screen, check one or more features to install on the server you selected. Then, click Next.

This installs Windows-defined features from the destination server.

  1. The Remote Desktop Services screen appears. Read the Remote Desktop Services description. Then, click Next.
  2. From the Select Role Services screen, select the following five services. Then, click Next.
  • Remote Desktop Connection Broker
  • Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Remote Desktop Licensing
  • Remote Desktop Session Host
  • Remote Desktop Web Access

  1. The Network Policy and Access Service screen displays. Read the description on this page before clicking Next.
  2. The Select Role Services screen appears. Accept the default selection, Network Policy Server, and then click Next.
  3. The Confirm Installation Selections screen appears. Click Install.

This screen displays the previously selected roles and features targeted for addition from the destination server. Additional options available on the confirmation pane include:The roles, services, and features you have selected are install. A progress bar appears for this feature installation.

a. When the installation completes, click Close.

b. Restart your machine.

NOTE: Follow steps 13-14 or just insert the DVD. The iFIX install selects the correct install mode.

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items. Select Install Application on Remote Desktop.
  2. The Install Program from Floppy Disk or CD-ROM screen opens. Click Next.

  1. The iFIX startup screen appears. Click Install iFIX.
  1. When the installation completes, on the Finish Admin Install screen, click Finish.

NOTE: Do NOT click the Finish or Cancel button before the installation has ended.

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